Marquette Radio’s Spring Concert – XV, The Dean’s List, Machine Gun Kelly, Prophetic

Prophetic made a video to advertise this year’s Marquette Radio spring concert. If you’re in college, and a hip hop fan, you should be at the Weasler Auditorium Tuesday night. It’s free.

Oh wait, you’ve never heard of these people? Okay. Here they are, all in one convenient location:


Machine Gun Kelly

The Dean’s List

And Milwaukee’s own Prophetic

Please come check out this show. It’s going to be awesome. Marquette students, the next day of classes is our last before Easter break. So, you can sleep through that. It is free with a college ID.

Breaking And Entering Mash-Up of the Week: Vanilla Ice vs. The Cataracs

Here’s this week’s mash-up. Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” vs. The Cataracs “Bass Down Low”.

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Breaking And Entering Mash-Up Of The Week: Tupac Vs. Sublime

Here’s our Mash-Up of the Week for this week (Soundcloud let us upload this one!). Here’s Tupac’s “California Love” vs. Sublime’s “Santeria”. Check it out. You can hear our show on Marquette Radio every Thursday from Noon-1 P.M. Also, please follow @BreakinNEnterin and use the hashtag #dodoblood after every tweet from now on, in honor of Charlie Sheen’s weird #tigerblood deal. And, you can find us on Facebook by clicking here.

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Breaking And Entering Mashup of the Week: Maroon 5 vs. Radiohead

Another Mashup of the Week is up. This week, we mixed Maroon 5’s “This Love” and the Radiohead Classic “Creep”.

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Breaking And Entering Mash-Up of the Week #2: Moby vs. Rod Stewart

Week 2 of Breaking and Entering’s Mash-Up of the Week is here. Moby’s “Flower” vs. Rod Stewart’s “Sailing”. Who knows what we’ll mash-up next. Keep checking in with us at our Facebook page, or on Twitter (@BreakinNEnterin) and listen to our show every Thursday on Marquette Radio from Noon-1 P.M. Also, vote for this week’s Hero of the Week poll at

Breaking And Entering Mash-Up of the Week #1: Sleigh Bells vs. Ludacris

Breaking And Entering, AKA Mine and Steve Frymark’s radio show, have some a new feature that we began this week, called the Mash-Up of the Week. We’re taking two songs that don’t belong together and well… creating a mash-up. Check out this week’s edition: indie group Sleigh Bells’ “Kids” vs. Ludacris’ “How Low”:

We also need help deciding Breaking And Entering’s Hero of the Week . Vote for either a group of Mexican drug smugglers who tried to use catapults to launch marijuana over the border, or a 14 year old boy from the 19th century who was recently discovered to be Queen Victoria’s stalker, who stole her panties.

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The Cranberry Show – “Time Of Day” Video

This doesn’t completely fall under the “I Made That” heading, but here’s The Cranberry Show’s official video for “Time Of Day”, a track that I produced. Keep an eye out for a quick shot of Johnston Hall, home of Cat Daddy… err… Marquette Radio (Also where Steve Frymark and myself host Breaking And Entering).