Breaking And Entering Mash-Up of the Week: Vanilla Ice vs. The Cataracs

Here’s this week’s mash-up. Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” vs. The Cataracs “Bass Down Low”.

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Breaking And Entering Mash-Up Of The Week: Tupac Vs. Sublime

Here’s our Mash-Up of the Week for this week (Soundcloud let us upload this one!). Here’s Tupac’s “California Love” vs. Sublime’s “Santeria”. Check it out. You can hear our show on Marquette Radio every Thursday from Noon-1 P.M. Also, please follow @BreakinNEnterin and use the hashtag #dodoblood after every tweet from now on, in honor of Charlie Sheen’s weird #tigerblood deal. And, you can find us on Facebook by clicking here.

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Breaking And Entering Mash-Up of the Week #2: Moby vs. Rod Stewart

Week 2 of Breaking and Entering’s Mash-Up of the Week is here. Moby’s “Flower” vs. Rod Stewart’s “Sailing”. Who knows what we’ll mash-up next. Keep checking in with us at our Facebook page, or on Twitter (@BreakinNEnterin) and listen to our show every Thursday on Marquette Radio from Noon-1 P.M. Also, vote for this week’s Hero of the Week poll at