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A while back, I shot and edited this music video for Taiyamo Denku. It was my first time shooting a music video on a Sony EX-1, and I really like how clear it came out. It was also the first time I had the opportunity to shoot a music video in a studio, with sets and lighting and a lot of good production value. I really had fun shooting it, and I hope that you enjoy it. Check it out:

For more Denku, check out his album, “Quadrofiendia” on Itunes.

Denku gave us another leak from his upcoming “Quadrofiendia” album, due out in June. I’m eager for it, and not just because it means I get to release the “Unhandled Crossings” music video that I shot. It’s also because I get to hear more songs like this. If you don’t at least know the names Craig G or Sadat X, you need to look them up. Legends team up with Denku for this track. Listen:


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