R.i.C. – “Lovely Day”/”Baby What’s Up”

Here’s a cool idea that I just had: everyone should send me two new songs at once, and I’ll blog them as digital 45s. That would be kind of different. Actually, Chicago artist R.i.C. sent me these tracks a few days ago, and I’ve had them on repeat. Both are really bass heavy songs with a vintage sounding sample. R.i.C. adds a new school flavor on top of these beats, and it came out pretty awesome if you ask me. Check out “Lovely Day” and “Baby What’s Up”, which I’ve decided is now a digital 45 for you to play. Some of my readers might be too young to know what a 45 is.

R.i.C. Featuring Nicole Eboni – “Prove I Love You”

I received more new music out of Chicago last night, this time courtesy of R.i.C., who was previously mentioned on here for his “Knockout” track with C Money of So Klean/Super Fresh Bros. This time, R.i.C. brings along Nicole Eboni for “Prove I Love You”, a bass heavy track with a real laid back feel to it. It’s really cool to see quality music like this from an artist who isn’t even out of high school yet. Check it out via Bandcamp or right here:

R.I.C. Featuring C-Money Of So Klean – “Knockout”

R.I.C. and C-Money just released this new track tonight, and my goodness it is worth the listen/download. C-Money and Nate The Great are currently working on the next Super Fresh Bros. mixtape, and if his verse is a preview of what’s in store, everybody better get ready to download that tape. I’ve listened to this three times just to hear his verse. This is also the first I’ve heard from R.I.C., but I like what I’ve heard. Click the cover or right here to get “Knockout”