Give Up Your Dreams

It’s finally here. I’ve been waiting the better part of a year to release this, but I finally have everything together. This is my first production mixtape. It’s a collection of songs that I’ve produced, spanning the last few years. Enjoy.

1. Intro
2. The Cranberry Show – Liquid Slinkys
3. DayNAge Feat. Athletic B – Danny Devito
4. Prophetic – So Cold
5. Super Fresh Bros. – We Killin’ Shit
6. LadyTwist – If… Then
7. Taiyamo Denku – Attack Teachings
8. Mad Static – Bass In Ya Eye
9. Speed – Who Is So Klean?
10. Rockzsolid Feat. Mad Static – Hip Hop Or Rap?
11. Madtown’s 2win Feat. Tweak & Mr. Eastside – When The Streets Take Over

Please click either of the covers or click here to download this mixtape.

DJ Cell & RockzSolid Live At The Spot

Well, if you’re in Milwaukee, and you’ve looked out the window, or checked Facebook, you know it’s snowing. So, why not check out a live set from Rockzsolid? It’s like a live concert just for you. All of the tracks are from RockzSolid’s “For The Love” mixtape, which came out around a month ago. You should listen to it, especially “Hip Hop or Rap”… cause it’s umm, a nice song and I umm, produced it. Also, thanks to Rockzsolid for the shout out.

Taiyamo Denku Five Minute Long Freestyle At The Miramar Theatre

Last night was Grassroots’ 100th show at the Miramar Theatre. While I was in the building to see RockzSolid and Annie Mae’s set, I also was pretty eager to see Taiyamo Denku perform. He was scheduled to go on at 10, but didn’t get to actually go on until around 1 AM. I have to say that this was one of the most unorganized shows I’ve ever been to, and believe me I’ve been to my fair share of unorganized events (There was homemade pasta, though.) Denku was patient, as we endured a bill consisting of bellydancers, erotic poem/dance combinations, and a rap song about clean underwear, amongst several other grimace-worthy sets. And one lone guy awkwardly dancing without shoes through the Miramar. Denku killed it though. He blazed through 20 minutes of lyricism that was mostly, if not completely, freestyled. This was the end of his set: an acapella freestyle with some well deserved jabs. I’m glad I shot this performance, because more people than the 12 that stayed around until 1 AM need to see this.

RockzSolid – “For The Love” Mixtape

In Milwaukee, the south side is the least represented side of town, and in many instances it’s for good reason. However, RockzSolid is definitely emerging as a stand out, and this release shows it. It’s a big step up for her, and she’s got shows lined up to support it as well. Oh, and hey, I produced track 4, “Hip Hop or Rap”, which features Mad Static. So, if that’s not enough reason for you to download it, I dunno what is.

RockzSolid Featuring Pudj – “Pressure”

RockzSolid is busy. She’s currently working on an album, preparing a mixtape for release, and running her own business at Brewed Fresh Records. Couple that with the daily stuff that everyone has to go through, and you get the material for “Pressure” the newest track off of her upcoming mixtape “For The Love”. Oh, and there may be a video in the works for this… but I didn’t tell you that. Take three minutes and two seconds out of your busy day to hear what RockzSolid and Pudj have been up to: