Give Up Your Dreams

It’s finally here. I’ve been waiting the better part of a year to release this, but I finally have everything together. This is my first production mixtape. It’s a collection of songs that I’ve produced, spanning the last few years. Enjoy.

1. Intro
2. The Cranberry Show – Liquid Slinkys
3. DayNAge Feat. Athletic B – Danny Devito
4. Prophetic – So Cold
5. Super Fresh Bros. – We Killin’ Shit
6. LadyTwist – If… Then
7. Taiyamo Denku – Attack Teachings
8. Mad Static – Bass In Ya Eye
9. Speed – Who Is So Klean?
10. Rockzsolid Feat. Mad Static – Hip Hop Or Rap?
11. Madtown’s 2win Feat. Tweak & Mr. Eastside – When The Streets Take Over

Please click either of the covers or click here to download this mixtape.

R.I.C. Featuring C-Money Of So Klean – “Knockout”

R.I.C. and C-Money just released this new track tonight, and my goodness it is worth the listen/download. C-Money and Nate The Great are currently working on the next Super Fresh Bros. mixtape, and if his verse is a preview of what’s in store, everybody better get ready to download that tape. I’ve listened to this three times just to hear his verse. This is also the first I’ve heard from R.I.C., but I like what I’ve heard. Click the cover or right here to get “Knockout”

So Klean – “Doin My Thang” (Video)

A little over a month ago, I was in Chicago to shoot this video for So Klean. It was definitely an experience, being that I’d never shot in Chicago before. We ran into a cop on a horse while we were shooting the first performance, a nun that popped out of a back door in the alley, and Deadmau5 in Millennium Park. So yeah, that’s it. Cops, horses, nuns, and Deadmau5. Go watch the video and like So Klean on Facebook.

I’ll shoot your video, too. Email me at or for more info.

Spotted: Deadmau5 in Millenium Park, Chicago, IL

So, I was in Chicago yesterday working on a music video with So Klean. We were hanging out at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, and we saw some guy with a mouse head run up to the stage. At first I didn’t believe it was really Deadmau5, but everyone around me was pretty insistent that it was. Then, C-Money from So Klean checked his twitter, and it turns out it was actually him. The guy loves to be on stage, I guess. He ran in, took some photos, and left before the security guard could catch him on his Segway.

Exclusive video: Well, like, 20 seconds of video. Deadmau5 says hello:

C-Money – “Above The Clouds” Mixtape

If you don’t know C-Money, So Klean, or Super Fresh Bros., get familiar with them all. You can start by checking out C-Money’s “Above The Clouds” mixtape here. This falls under the “I Made That” heading because I produced the Intro, Intermission, and Outro beat for this tape. I got this tape early from C-Money himself, and after a ton of listens in the car, I really can’t find a track, or a verse for that matter, that I don’t like. Every track brings strong lyrics, and a plethora of references for you to catch. Click here or on the picture to isten to this whole thing, front to back, and then give it to like, all of your friends. They’ll thank you.