Gerald Walker – “Um, Excuse Me” (Video)

Gerald Walker just keeps going. A ton of people, myself included, are awaiting his Believers Never Die LP, which comes out on April 16th. Here’s a quick preview of what I’m assuming the whole project sounds like. I won’t complain about it if it does sound like this, anyway. Check out Gerald’s video for “Um, Excuse Me”, and make sure you download Believers Never Die on the 16th.

Gentry – “When I Make It”

Another track that was recently sent to me that I finally got around to is Gentry’s “When I Make It”. Another really cool song, and admittedly one of the first times I’ve heard Gentry. It’s cool to have a song that isn’t talking about “if”, but rather “when” I make it. That’s confidence, and I like it. Check out Gentry’s “When I Make It” here for free download.

Jay Alexzander – “Take Off” (Video)

So, the blog posts have been few and far between lately. My bad, everyone. I’ve been busy, you’ll see why soon. Anyway, Jay Alexzander sent over this video a few days ago for his new song “Take Off”. It’s a real laid back, cool track, and it’s nice to see a music video for Jay. If I’m not mistaken (which I might be) this is his first solo music video. Keep up with him. It’ll be interesting to see where he goes from here.

The Cranberry Show – “Cinema” (Video)

The Cranberry Show released their eagerly awaited “Cinema” video today. I just got the chance to check it out now, because I was busy working on a video of my own. It’s really awesome to see when people take time with their videos, creating a great end product. This is just another example of the great end product that comes from avoiding a cookie cutter video formula. Check this out:

Logic & Raze – “Eye Gee Oh” (Video)

I kind of fell off of the face of the earth this weekend. The last week has been crazy busy and I just decided that I needed to relax a bit. However, on Saturday morning I saw a bit of this video… on my phone, in bed. I only saw a few seconds before my Youtube app froze, but it looked awesome. If you can make a video look awesome on a smartphone, in only a few seconds, the whole thing must be awesome. I, however, was not ready for this. Get ready for something, dare I say it, really original and creative. Watch this thing:

Vonny Del Fresco – “Shift Key” (Video)

Artists like Dee Phr3sh! and Vonny Del Fresco continue to impress me. They’re still young, but when they do things, they make sure that there’s a certain level of quality to them. There’s times when I think that artists like them really can make a name for themselves if they keep up with that professionalism with every release. From a videographer standpoint, this video is appealing, because it shows that you can make an impressive video without a lot of money being tossed around. This just flat out looks cool. Watch “Shift Key”:

Taiyamo Denku Featuring Rayzel & Patience – “Dead Wrong”

I went to a show at the Miramar Theatre this Wednesday. I’m not gonna lie, it was mainly to hand out some business cards and talk to Bill, the owner, about this TV show that we’re working on. I ended up having a pretty cool conversation with Taiyamo Denku while I was there. We talked a lot about professionalism, the state of Milwaukee’s hip hop scene, and where we both think things are headed. Regardless of what was said, I still feel that Denku is one of the most slept on artists in the city. If you’ve seen other posts about him, you’ve seen his crazy freestyle ability. I told him that he should just freestyle an entire album. He told me he already did that. Actually, I found out that he has about 13 albums of unreleased material, but the recordings aren’t mastered so he hasn’t put it out. That’s unbelievable to me to hear about anyone other than Denku. I’m fairly convinced that he could make a mixtape every day, name it that day’s date, and the cover could just be him holding up that day’s newspaper. He’s that good. Stop sleeping on Denku. Oh, here’s an awesome track that he did: