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The Cranberry Show released their eagerly awaited “Cinema” video today. I just got the chance to check it out now, because I was busy working on a video of my own. It’s really awesome to see when people take time with their videos, creating a great end product. This is just another example of the great end product that comes from avoiding a cookie cutter video formula. Check this out:

I kind of fell off of the face of the earth this weekend. The last week has been crazy busy and I just decided that I needed to relax a bit. However, on Saturday morning I saw a bit of this video… on my phone, in bed. I only saw a few seconds before my Youtube app froze, but it looked awesome. If you can make a video look awesome on a smartphone, in only a few seconds, the whole thing must be awesome. I, however, was not ready for this. Get ready for something, dare I say it, really original and creative. Watch this thing:

Artists like Dee Phr3sh! and Vonny Del Fresco continue to impress me. They’re still young, but when they do things, they make sure that there’s a certain level of quality to them. There’s times when I think that artists like them really can make a name for themselves if they keep up with that professionalism with every release. From a videographer standpoint, this video is appealing, because it shows that you can make an impressive video without a lot of money being tossed around. This just flat out looks cool. Watch “Shift Key”:

I went to a show at the Miramar Theatre this Wednesday. I’m not gonna lie, it was mainly to hand out some business cards and talk to Bill, the owner, about this TV show that we’re working on. I ended up having a pretty cool conversation with Taiyamo Denku while I was there. We talked a lot about professionalism, the state of Milwaukee’s hip hop scene, and where we both think things are headed. Regardless of what was said, I still feel that Denku is one of the most slept on artists in the city. If you’ve seen other posts about him, you’ve seen his crazy freestyle ability. I told him that he should just freestyle an entire album. He told me he already did that. Actually, I found out that he has about 13 albums of unreleased material, but the recordings aren’t mastered so he hasn’t put it out. That’s unbelievable to me to hear about anyone other than Denku. I’m fairly convinced that he could make a mixtape every day, name it that day’s date, and the cover could just be him holding up that day’s newspaper. He’s that good. Stop sleeping on Denku. Oh, here’s an awesome track that he did:

The Cranberry Show recently got back from a trip to New York City, where they signed a management deal with a division of Violator Management. On the way through the city, they stopped at’s headquarters and shot this interview. Check out the ridiculous freestyles in this thing. Oh, and if you want to see them live, they’re at The Rave with Asher Roth tonight. Actually, in a few hours from now. I’ll see you there.

If you don’t already know, I’m working on developing a television show about Milwaukee’s music scene. You can follow our haphazard antics/developments on Twitter here. The reason that we’re doing this is because too many amazing local artists are being slept on. Artists like Frankie Flowers are the reason I’m working on this show. This EP is more than solid, and I really hope that people catch this one from him. His last album had some success with “The Coolness”, which featured a super catchy beat from Klassik. This EP is a step in a different direction for Frankie, but my goodness does he bring it on this thing. Please go download “The Local Nobodies EP”:

Let me introduce two new faces to you: local rappers DayNAge and Athletic B. They called me up yesterday, very excited about a new series that they’re working on called WordLife Wednesdays. Every Wednesday, you’ll get something new from them. From what DayNAge told me, it could be anything. A song, a freestyle, just some random video… anything. This is the first one, featuring an in house performance. Look for more from them in the future, including an EP that I’m doing with DayNAge.

I’ve watched Pizzle grow from his Pelicular mixtape to this point, and it’s amazing to see the progress he’s made. His “Fame in Vain” album was one of my favorite releases of last year, and this mixtape picks up right where that one left off, The production is solid all the way through, and it’s cool to see him collaborate with artists like Gerald Walker and Dee Phr3sh!, whose styles I wouldn’t really associate with Pizzle, but it works so well when you hear it. Download this tape via

Also, check out the “How 2 Jack” video Pizzle released with this mixtape. This song is featured on “Insomnia”

If you take the Weeknd, put it in a blender with Sango, and put Vonny del Fresco, you get “Gone”, the newest track from VDF. I’m a fan of everything that him and Dee Phr3sh! are doing at such a young age. It seems like there’s a lot of young talent jumping leaps and bounds with every track they release, and this is no exception. Check out “Gone”:

Yungn sent me a new video today, this time with a much different message than the last Fly Division video that I saw. The message is simple: Stop the violence. You can’t argue with that, right? Please go find out about the efforts being made in your community to create a peaceful society. If you can’t find one, start one.


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